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Southfields Station Cabs

It's quite astonishing to see how a place where the 70% of population is between working age, with maximum of 26% out of them work in trade and retail field. This definitely means a lump of transactions and transportation. Do you wonder how this highly over crowded station keeps accelerating day and night without pause? Its the Minicab and minicabs all over london thats been the back bone of whole london city.

It is due to the highly courtesies job and duty of Southfields Station Cabs service providers like jazzars ltd. Best things about our service:

  • Cabs will literally be lining up to take you to your destination. These queues are called cab stands.
  • Take out your phone and call a cab anytime at 02087041777.
  • Use only verified drivers, and provides you with the cabs license information so you can feel safe during your late-night ride home.
  • Do not panic if you said yourself you have no cash.We are certified cabs are legally required to accept both cash and credit cards.
  • Our drivers go through criminal background and insurance checks to ensure your safety, and the price is often a few dollars less than your regular cab ride.

Service Quality:

We have CRB(Criminal Record Bureau) checked cab drivers with great hospitable training. You will love Instant messaging service assistance on booking for both customer and driver. With follow up messages you will grab the vehicle at right time.

 Airport Transfers
Heathrow Airport from £25
Luton Airport from £60
Stansted Airport from £65
Gatwick Airport from £40
London Airport from £40
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CRB Checked
CRB Checked