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CarReg UK Has New Cars Added to Number Plate Checker

According to a study in 2014, the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency raised over £60 million in private number plate sales in 2013. Last year, vehicle house owners still spent millions on obtaining private plates for their cars and motorcycles.

Why are CarReg private car plates so widespread that individuals are willing to pay cash for them? When creating by removing deeper and talking to private number plate owners, here are the top 5 reasons why you must take into account getting a private plate for your vehicle.

Are you currently considering whether or not to invest in private number plates? Here are the reasons why you need to invest in private number plates.

· It’s important

Other than being terribly unique, personalised registrations can even be created meaningfully. The ‘F 1’ private plate we have a tendency to mention is tied to Formula 1. Alternative plates could have different meanings, as well as personalised meanings that solely the owner can understand.

· It attracts attention

Few things capture the eye of individuals on the road, quite private number plates. The private plate you place on your vehicle makes it recognizable. It turns heads too, even once you’re driving an everyday Audi or a rather older Mercedes.

· Deterring criminals and combating theft

Obviously, private number plates can make a vehicle more distinctive and easily recognizable. What you may not realize is that this can help prevent your car from being stolen. Criminals don’t want to steal vehicles that can be easily identified because it increases the likelihood that they will be caught. What’s more, if your vehicle is ever stolen, your distinctive private number plates will make it easier for members of the public to spot, thereby increasing the chances that you will get it back. If you want to protect your vehicle from theft, private number plates can help.

· It makes an excellent gift

This next reason is obvious: Personalised registrations are nice gifts for the driving enthusiast in your life. They last for much longer than chocolate or flowers . They’re conjointly simple to urge due to the aforesaid services; you’ll be able to choose one up online and have it prepared for the special occasion.


CarReg Plate Checker, Type in your desired number plate in the yellow box and “update plate”. You can upload a pic of ANY car or use one our ours below! 100% Free to use, also ideal for birthday pics, etc…

Number plates provided

The primary option is Lucite number plates. They’ll send the number plates onto the doorstep in barely two operating days. The plates go along with sticky back tape to simply place the plate on the car. If you’re obtaining the reg, the likelihood is that you may want new plates. Those provided are of good quality.

There are numerous reasons why a private plate is an excellent idea. It is an amazing gift for wanted ones, a great thanks to adding a singular bit to a vehicle or a motorcycle, or simply how to indicate what quantity of a driving enthusiast you actually are. What makes private plates even more fascinating is the indisputable fact that you’ll be able to currently register One or many simply and affordably; your own custom plate is simply a handful of clicks away.

Now could be a great time to contemplate obtaining a private plate for your car. Other than the wealth of choices presently available, the private plate you finish up shopping for might change into an excellent investment. Don’t be shocked if you see that the worth of your personalised vehicle registration and also the car itself in some things gets doubled or additional in barely a brief amount of time.