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Various Features and Products of Adhesive Melters from Robatech

Hot melt adhesives require special treatment to process the adhesive until it is ready to use. It requires melting process that uses high temperature. Until now, many industries still use traditional methods. This requires extra attention to prevent accident and minimize the risks in melting the adhesive. As the solution, Robatech provides many products of adhesive melters that will bring greater effectiveness and efficiency in handing many forms of adhesive that will be melt. The process will be safer and the products can even provide lower energy consumptions. Surely, the adhesive melters from Robatech can provide excellent results with higher efficiency and effectiveness.

Great Features of Adhesive Melters from Robatech

Robatech really pay attention to the products of melters. Each product has some useful features that will make melting process more efficient and effective for the industry. One of its great features is the Melt-On-Demand. This is useful to increase efficiency in using the adhesive because capacity or volume of adhesive that should be melted can be controlled and so it is easier to estimate required adhesives that will be needed for certain project. Then, it is safe to operate because basically operator will have no direct contact to the melters. By doing so, risks of accidents can be reduced and operating the melters will be much safer. In addition, it is good in saving the energy consumption because temperature can be controlled and there is mechanism to optimize heating process while preserving the power.

Various Products of Adhesive Melters from Robatech

Robatech knows that each industry demand different specification of melters. The difference is about melting capacity and tank volumes to contain the adhesive material. Thus, some products are available with different specifications. One of them is Robapur 2 Mod that has melting capacity of 10 kg per hour. Then, it has tank volume up to 2 kg of adhesive blocks. Jumboflex becomes good choices for higher volume and capacity. Its tank volume is up to 100 liters with capacity of 100 kg per hour. Other than these two melters, Robatech still has more choices depending on the remands of clients.